Bedford Town Signs and Public Corner

Community Gardens

As part of the Bedford Garden Club’s civic responsibilities, the members maintain the community gardens throughout the town.  There are two Town of Bedford signs on Route 101.

One sign is across the road from Shaw Road.  The sign is backed by a tall wooden fence. It was originally cared for by long-time resident and club member, Ralph Wiggin. Recently club members have added shrubs and flowers to this area.

The other town sign is located above a stone planter on Route 101 across from Hitching Post Road. Over the years many club members have planted greenery and daylilies in the stone planter.

The Club also maintains plantings on the corner of North Amherst Road across from the Stevens-Buswell Community Center, which is currently under construction. This is an area that was originally planted by the town. This busy corner has recently been revitalized by the Club with new perennials added to existing plantings.